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Lanyard ID Card Holder Upgrade | 9 Different Colours *ADD-ON*

Coloured Plastic ID Card Holder Upgrade for Lanyards *Add-On* 


Add a coloured ID card holder to your lanyard to complete the look. Available in 9 different colours and designed to fit all standard horizontal cards.



Our ID holders are rigid and designed to hold 1 single 86mm x 54mm card which is the standard CR80 760 Micron cards used in most organizations for access control and identification.

The holder has two small round punch holes and a large middle holder to allow any lanyard or badge clip to attach which means that they are compatible with all brands of lanyards.

The holder is open-faced which means that the front of the card is not covered, however the card will remain held inside. Our holders are built to last and will be that finishing touch to your brand new and completely customised lanyard.

Lanyard ID Card Holder Upgrade | 9 Different Colours *ADD-ON*

ID Holder Colour