Custom Pet Head Keyring

Brand new, handmade Custom Pet Keyring


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Our custom pet head keyring's have now been redesigned and drastically improved to achieve the perfect keyring, here's what's new:


- Unlike before, our keyring's are now printed via sublimation which is the only printing method that provides a permanent, fade resistant print. This means that not only will your keyring never fade when faced with constant use and exposure to water and sunlight, but our keyring's now hold a much more detailed, vibrant and saturated print!


- On top of perfecting our image printing, we have also upgraded our fabric. All previous keyring's were made with a hard wearing 100% Egyptian cotton, whereas all keyring's from now on will be made using a very premium, lightweight canvas which is 10x stronger than before! This will help to further protect your keyring from ever getting ripped, snagged or cut.


- We have listened to your requests and we can now excitedly announce that we have also resized our keyring's to make them bigger than ever before, whilst still ensuring that your keyring will never cause a problem when put inside pockets and other small compartments. If your keys can fit, so can your keyring.


- And last but not least, we now have newly added customization options and colours! Our keyring's now have 30 new colours to choose from for both the front and back of your keyring, which means that you will no longer be forced to have your pets face printed onto an all white background. Because of this you can either match your front colour to your backing colour, or you can mix and match with your two favourite colours! Pink and Blue, Black and Black, Red and Green... The options are endless!


Our products are designed specifically for all of the adventurers out there, which means that durability is our biggest priority. Whether you are hiking mountains, or taking the bus to work, we guarantee that no matter how strenuous or mundane your task is, our products will withstand it all. We can now proudly say that our keyring's, along with all other Pickle and Onion Adventures products are finally adventure ready and built to last. Custom, colourful and durable, now you really can take your pet with you wherever you go...


All of our keyring's are brand new and handmade to order all in original packaging with tags.


- *NEW AND IMPROVED* 100% super premium Polyester canvas.
- *NEW AND IMPROVED* Printed via sublimation using the highest quality inks for the most detailed and vibrant print that will never fade.
- Hollow fiber, polyester fire retardant stuffing. (Each keyring is stuffed until they are very firm, this ensures that the keyring will never lose it's shape over time.)
- Silver 25mm split ring allowing you to attach your keyring to your keys, backpack and more straight out of the package.
- Black grosgrain ribbon.
- Silver 'Pickle and Onion Adventures' engraved stainless steel metal tag which is attached to each and every keyring.
- Lovingly handmade from beginning to end in the UK.


All of our keyring's can be hand washed using any soap or washing detergent. Once clean, simply towel dry the keyring before leaving it to naturally dry.

Unfortunately we do not accept returns on any custom orders unless they are faulty. All faulty custom orders will be replaced and not refunded. If you have experienced an issue with your order please contact us and we will resolve your issue immediately.

Custom Pet Head Keyring

Front Colour
Background Colour