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How it all started...

Welcome to Pickle and Onion Adventures.

We are a UK based team of passionate animal lovers who specialize on custom products including: Dog collars, keyfobs and much more!

Our journey all began on Instagram with our two dogs, Pickle and Onion and one special follower from across the world...

Our special follower grew to love Pickle and Onion as if they were his own and through Instagram we became incredible friends despite of the distance.

For Christmas 2016 we wanted to give our special follower the gift of Pickle and Onion for Christmas, so we decided to make him two custom, handmade cushions of them, but once our friends and family saw the cushions of Pickle and Onion they too all wanted us to make them a cushion of their own pets which then led us to creating this company.

We launched what was originally called 'Pickle and Onion Cushion Comforts' in 2017 and provided handmade custom and novelty cushions and keyring's, however as we grew our vision for this company evolved and in 2018 we re-branded ourselves 'Pickle and Onion Adventures'.


Our vision for this company has drastically changed since creating those first ever cushions in 2016 and we now provide custom products that you cannot find anywhere else!

We are very proud to say that we are the only company to create custom, printed and made-to-order dog collars and keyfobs that are designed for use on all adventures!

And now here we are.

We are expanding and growing this little idea every day and we thank our thousands of customers who have helped shape us into the company we are continuously striving to be.


We cannot wait to continue our story...

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