Pickle and Onion Adventures are always recruiting new members to join our ever-expanding team of dedicated brand reps.
Our brand reps are extremely important to us and play a vital role in helping to promote and support our products, company and social media.
As a verified brand rep you will receive FREE goodies in exchange for promotional posts showcasing our product(s) to your Instagram account.
Our brand reps will receive any one of our product we make including keyring's, keyfobs, dog collars, ID tags, phone cases, posters and more as well receiving an exclusive 10% discount code specially for your followers, friends and family!
Our brand reps have a set amount of posts that they are required to fulfill in order to qualify as a brand rep.
For example we may provide you with a custom keyfob in exchange for 2 stories and 1 post to your Instagram account over the course of a 2 week period, however every brand rep will have a different contract with us as we work individually with each member to ensure everyone involved is happy in agreement.
Brand reps will receive new designs and products to showcase when available and can also work to become a part of our continual packages which provides our brand reps with new products every 3-6 months.
Overall we are looking for participants who are dedicated and consistently pride themselves on quality content and believe that they would be a beneficial team member to Pickle and Onion Adventures.
Meet some of existing brand reps:
If you think you would be a good brand rep for our company then please read our requirements and apply below!
  • Every brand rep MUST be able to provide us with high quality pictures! Our brand reps pictures are the most important part of their role and this requirement is vital.
  • Every brand rep MUST have an Instagram account as this is our main focus of promotion and social media use.
  • Every brand rep MUST be over 18 years of age.
  • Every brand rep MUST have a minimum of 10,000 followers on Instagram.