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Sal's Animal Shoutout

In February 2019 we fought to save our cat, Sal's life. Sadly after £2300 worth of the best treatment and care she passed away on March 11th 2019.


We rescued Sal in October 2012 when she was 8 years old. Sal was unwanted, unloved and mistreated, just like millions of animals around the world.

We was lucky enough to find Sal and provide her with a safe, loving home and family for the rest of her life, but unfortunately that happy ending never comes for so many animals.


In honour of Sal we have set up a weekly/monthly shoutout for animals who are in the same position she was once in. These animals could need homes, fosters, medical funds and more.

This is a place to help provide exposure for those in need and we encourage anyone viewing to help in anyway they can, whether that be with a donation, volunteering, re-homing/fostering or even just a re-share on your social media. Nothing is too small and every gesture helps, in fact a simple share can be one of the most important roles in helping animals receive the help they need.

If anyone re-homes an animal through us we will gift each family with a free package full of goodies to say thank you for saving a life! Just contact us with the pets name and organisation that he/she was with.

If you personally have an animal or know of someone or an organisation who has an animal who needs help please contact us with all of their information.

We share a new story every Saturday on our Instagram stories (@pickle_and_onion_adventures) and we feature one story a month right here on our website.

All submissions will be thoroughly checked by our team to ensure they are real, trustworthy causes and not scams or fake.

This months shoutout goes to:

Oblio and Arrow


New York Bully Crew: "ARROW & OBLIO Are our sweet boys that were rescued from a life of loneliness need your help. Both boys have significant health issues that need medical attention and treatments. Oblio is HEARTWORM POSITIVE- he needs pre-treatment medication and then heartworm care treatments. Arrow is anemic and has erhlichia. He also needs medications.

To donate either visit > Adopt >Dire Cases> OBLIO and ARROW (or click the 'VIEW MORE' button below) or Venmo @newyorkbullycrew"

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